27 Aug 2011

Eldorado Springs & Evergreen Runs

Thursday we went a few miles west to Eldorado Springs Resort for an evening 4-mile race


It was hot - 91. Despite the storm clouds it was simply a breezy humid night

The race was fast and fun. I actually came in 15th overall and 2nd in my age group with a 30:06 - good for a $25 gift certificate. We stayed for a few free Avery microbeers and met some good people

Friday evening we drove around looking at homes. We saw this guy

We also went to a small park overlooking the Xcel power company (a few blocks from our house) at dusk. You can see these two stacks from everywhere

Hud wanted to get back to his couch as we had "forced" him on a few short hikes

Today we went to the Evergreen area, a very-nice-but-not-quite-convenient-to-anywhere town 40-50 minutes west of both Denver and Boulder. We first went on a great run at Reynolds Park

This is the final weekend before the Breckenridge Half Marathon so it was nice to be at a little higher elevation (8,000') gaining 1,485' over 5.9-miles

There was even a quiz at the trailhead

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