30 Jan 2011

Leaving Santa Fe

We leave Santa Fe on Tuesday for Denver, just as a cold front and snow storm hits the Rockies. Once again it has been an awesome time

Friday - after a very stressful week at AT&T - the wife and I tried to run to the top of Atalaya Mountain (9,121'). It was super sunny

I've made it to the top 2x but also was turned back last April because of snow. Friday we were denied. It is possible - probably with $20 Yaktrax - but not for us Friday especially as it becomes steeper and steeper. We were a little less than a mile away

Early Saturday and Sunday mornings Hudson and I did a 4.3-mile loop with maybe 550' of elevation. He's sleeping right now. Sunday we started maybe 15-minutes before sunrise and saw a coyote about 50 feet away. It looked like a much less fluffy Husky

Afterwards Maureen and I did a little final shopping for fun regional things

We then went one last time to the plaza

Hopefully a final night of drink with my buddy Drew and his wife tomorrow and an uneventful drive to Denver

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