18 Jan 2011

Dale Ball Trails

One of the best things about Santa Fe is the great running trails. The best is the Dale Ball trails

Sunday me and Hudson got up early and were ready to go at sunrise. Even though it doesn't seem to snow much here, when it does it takes months for snow in the shade to melt

Hudson either happy to be with me or bitter about being on leash - same look. He did get some time off-leash when a large poodle came over off-leash. Hudson is grumpy being on-leash and other dogs coming up to him. So I let him go and the three of us ran until we ran into the poodle's owner

200 feet high - not much but a good work out

Monday after work (I usually work 5:30am to 3:00pm) me and the wife went to do a 3-mile run. We took a new trail that was steeper than I explained

Unfortunately I somehow got lost despite being well-marked with maybe 28 wooden maps throughout the system. It actually took me a mile-and-a-half running on sand to figure out we were in an arroyo. HAHAHA. Oh well...

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