15 Jan 2011

Durango to Santa Fe

Monday morning we began the 212-mile drive to Santa Fe. This is our hotel in the daylight

Here is the Animas River and the trail I forced Hudson to run on last night. Seriously - he was a bitter dog

Heading South...

I had to take two half-days off work since we did long drives on Friday and Monday. I did get some work done - when the sun wasn't making it impossible to see my laptop. I also took a staff call in Pagosa Springs. As in hot springs with a strong sulphur smell

On to New Mexico...

Camel Rock

Our festive back-yard

It was a relaxing first week here - more or less. I got caught up with AT&T work and began running more seriously. Maureen was pretty stressed as she was out-of-nowhere offered a job by one of AT&T's third-party contractors out of Denver (2 days in the office, 3 days virtual). Still TBD

Santa Fe is such a happy place - festive with more sun than you could hope for. This is "downtown"

Here are a few pics for my folks

First Ma, some of the religious architecture & symbols

Then Pa, who loves trains. There is even a quiz for him

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