15 Jan 2011

Hooper to Durango

Next up was the 427-mile drive from Hooper, UT to Durango, CO

It had snowed Saturday night so the roads were rather sketchy - even I-15. After about an hour on the road both a car in front and a car behind began spinning out of control and crashed into the concrete wall at about 60MPH

Next up was one of our least favorite mountain passes - Soldier Summit

Once we were over the Pass it was on to Moab

Whee! More good weather

Back in Colorado

Nearing Durango

This was the view outside our hotel room - the Animas River and the Animas River trail - a great running path

I decided to grab Hudson and go for a short 2-mile run. It was pretty cold, got down to -2 over night. No problem - come on Hudson, let's go. Come here...

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