2 Jan 2011

New Years in Bozeman

The last week of 2010 was pretty fun - finally started to relax from AT&T

We went up to a Forest Service Road maybe 25 minutes from Bozeman that crossed Ted Turner's 113,000 acre "Flying D Ranch" - hoping to see some of the several thousand bison wandering free


If you wondered what the differences between bison and buffalo were:


Sadly we saw none that day...

Random shots on US-191

Art just a few blocks from us here in Belgrade

We got maybe 5" of snow which was immediately followed by bitterly cold temperatures. On New Year's Eve it was minus 13 Fahrenheit (minus 25 Celsius)

Today was a pleasant but snowy day so we went up cross country skiing again. It was still cold (18) but not brutal. I made it up to the "black" runs, my first time. It was more beautiful and very secluded (only one other person over 5km) and a good workout. There were a few sketchy hills. This one was called "Bloody Gulch" and was ok - I skipped one called "Psycho Pit"

Hud is not a fan of the cold

We are here until Friday mornng when we head to Utah for a few nights

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