3 Feb 2011

380 Miles to Denver

Monday night we had friends over and had a good night with whiskey, beer and wine, forgetting our possible troubles the next day: "Blizzard 2011"

Over night we did get maybe 5" of snow and morning forecasts made it sound like an impending disaster. It was bitterly cold but we decided to make the drive to Denver. The first 150 miles were on a snow-packed Interstate but there were few cars and most people were going 20mph under the speed limit

The roads were fine by the time we approached the Colorado border

They definitely were right on the cold

Trinidad, Colorado was once the sex change capital of the world:


Getting colder...

...the cows never seem to mind - I'm sure they do

Passing through Pueblo...

...Colorado Springs...

It would hit -17 in Denver later that night

We have bunnies and coyotes in our back yard

We are a few miles from Cherry Creek State Park. Wednesday I had to pay $9 to park so Thursday we bought an annual state park pass for $73. Me and The Hud did a nice 3-miler in a steady snow. He was quite pleased and rather disobedient off-leash...

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