17 Feb 2011

Sugarloaf House Part 2

Here is a pic from last week's "Love 'em or Leave 'em" 5K

I took today off work to explore around the possible new house. While Maureen gets excited about the house itself, I'm more interested in things like drive into town, privacy and other factors - like running nearby and historical uniqueness. Right behind the house is that Switzerland Trail mentioned last update. Here are pics of and from the trail. This section of the trail is an 11-mile round trip. We obviously didn't do 11-miles. It was also 29 when we started - it was 47 when we left Denver in the morning

A view of the house from above

The house comes with a barn for our burros. Can't see the barn here, just the fence

Here is one possible neighbour - no idea why there is a pink toilet on the porch. It is "rugged" country

We then went 5-miles up to the Peak-to-Peak Highway as this would be a nice short-cut to skiing. It is paved the first two miles then dirt the final three. It wasn't bad

On Peak-to-Peak it was 20 degrees and snowing (2 hours later back in Denver it was 54 and sunny)

Mountain towns are pretty cool - if not to live at least for character. This is Ward

First time in the area we stayed in Gold Hill. There was a brutal road you could use to get up there (we did 3x only). We also remembered there were 2 cool dogs who always were hanging out so we checked to see if they were still there. Yup

Lefthand Fire Station

Near Lee Hill Road

I will see the house itself Sunday...

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