23 Feb 2011

Sugarloaf Visit Number 3

Saturday we ran a 5-mile race in Littleton, CO along a river trail that was a lot like the Burke Gilman. I ended up with the exact same pace as the prior week at a 5K. This race had chocolate fondue at the finish

So Sunday we made our way up for another visit to the Sugarloaf house. We stopped in at both Longmont and Lyons

The homeowner was not there as agreed but these guys (or gals) were

These are the neighbours. Not a bad distance although for 9 acres I had expected seclusion

Various views from inside the house. Not bad

This is on the next door property. Any idea? It looks like a telescope

Various rooms

Looking back towards Sugarloaf Mountain. Our property goes back between those two houses. Not necessarily the most usable acreage but would be good to build a path as that is the way to endless miles of trails

The hot tub and the sauna...

HAHA! We let the dogs in

Outside deck

Ruins on the property. Looks like was long ago a stone building. Given where I drank underage as a youngster, this is a huge plus

Mountain living - propane tanks

The horse barn. If we do buy this we decided that the barn would be a very fun place for "socializing"

The neighbour with the pink toilet is only in view leaving the property

Neighbours across the street

And Boulder - 19 minutes to downtown

We're filling out forms for pre-approval, which we had to do anyways. May make an offer that would likely be declined as we won't be buying it anywhere near it's listing price (which is about $100,000 less than was bought 5 years ago)

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