14 Dec 2011

Snowy Green

This update was going to be my amazing athletic goals for the year - but I've been busy having a lousy stretch of luck. Nothing dramatic - just irritating

It actually began the Saturday before Thanksgiving when I hurt my right hamstring at a race doing a 6:37/mile pace. The next weekend I hurt my left hamstring trying to do a 5:59/mile pace (to win a 6-pack of microbeers)

The next week of running was fine enough - it did end a nice stretch of 12 weeks with at least 30-miles

Then - of course - my hard drive crashed. And my files on the external hard drive got wiped

On my birthday last Thursday my back scrucnhed up and my spine curved (probably related to those two bad hamstrings), which put me out action until today

Today was great. Hudson and I did our 2.1-miles at his park. He got to play with several dogs, including a Pit Bull and a Great Dane

After checking in on work - which is wrapping up real nice for a 17-day break - went to Green Mountain with my "spikes" (which I was able to wear the entire run)

It was a slow go but it was great to get back out there

At the summit. A bit psychologically sketchier climbing to the cairn

There's Longs Peak at the back, just left of center in the haze - "Hi Longs!"

Longs: "Hi stupid"

There's Sugarloaf where we almost lived, all nice and white

2 more days of work and it's Christmas vacation! Woo-hoo!!