4 Dec 2011

Snow. And Technology Sucks

Longs Peak from Lost Gulch Overlook off Flagstaff Road

Next update will be my 2012 goals (mountains, races and running). Longs Peak will be the toughest on that list. Leadville Chuck, Melissa and Doug from Seattle have all expressed an interest. Me - not sure. Below is "The Home Stretch" on the easiest route - see the guy? Yikes

Anyways...Hudson is not interested

Hudson got "bad" as last week wore on (he did 21 miles). Early Thanksgiving morning he took off after a fox and disappeared for about 15 minutes. Friday he tried to take off after a Buck (but he was on leash). Saturday he was a grump as we went up Flagstaff Summit (below)

Wednesday night this week my AT&T hard drive failed. I moved all my files in "Safe Mode" over to an external hard drive - only to accidentally wipe the external hard drive clean

A year's worth of work gone - personal and work

I took Thursday off to sulk and buy a personal laptop from Costco. Tech companies are amazing - and they can go fuck off (especially Microsoft)

We also got 7" of snow

We got another 4" of snow Saturday. I ran on the Highline Canal trail just outside of Denver - apparently where Canadian Geese go for the winter

Horses along the trail

Today me and Hudson went to Chautauqua and were going to hike around a few hours. Unfortunately it was too cold (13 degrees) and his paws hurt. So he went home

I started up Chautauqua trail to the 1st/2nd Flatiron or 2nd/3rd Flatiron Loop trail

It was too sketchy to try Royal Arch so I went down to Mesa and over to NCAR

Great view of Bear from NCAR

We're supposed to get another 3" tonight with temps getting down to 4 degrees tonight (and 1 degrees tomorrow - when I need to go to Denver to see AT&T IT people)