18 Dec 2011

Christmas Vacation Begins

Vacation started off great. Work wrapped up nicely and injuries healed

On Mount Sanitas

Saturday went with Hudson to Chautauqua and we ran around at sunrise

Later in the day I had a good fast run - first time since Thanksgiving - at Eldorado Canyon

Unfortunately a rcok climber fell and had to be transported to a waiting helicopter

Sunday went with Hudson and we went up the 1st / 2nd Flatirons Trail, a short steep rocky icy trail where the rock climbers and elite runners go. Hudson did great - we did turn around 600' up when the trail became a 25' rock climb

Sunday afternoon we went up to Estes Park and stopped off at Longs Peak for a short 40-minute run. No pics of Longs Peak or Estes Park because later that night Windows 7 decided to f*cking wipe out my camera's memory card. Technology is really bumming me out this month...