30 May 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I began this a week or two ago and never finished. Since then I had a week of heck at work and some good nights of drinking with buddies. And now we're looking for lodging up in Vancouver to hang out for Game 6 and likely Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals...

It was an outstanding long weekend here in the Seattle area. It was supposed to rain but it turned out to be perfect fall weather - 50s with partial fluffy clouds and partial sun

Definitely got caught up on sleep and got plenty of running in

Saturday we all did 4.5-miles on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail from Carnation towards Duvall


Later in the day I ran Green Lake as fast as I could - figuring that it would be amazing after having been at 5,500' all these months and now was at sea level. People didn't stop and cheer, unfortunately

Sunday we all went to a different section of the Snoqualmie Valley Trail, running 3-miles from near Fall City towards Snoqualmie and back

Monday we went up to one of Hudson's old haunts, a cool area in Monroe part of Lord Hill park. The run is only 1.5 miles but has decent elevation gains and he can spend some time off-leash

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