8 May 2011

Deal - Maybe

I don't remember when we made our offer last week - but it was $847K. Asking was $979K. Zillow's "Zestimate" seemed fair to us - $879K

They countered at $924K. We declined. They came back verbally at $885K and on paper at $875K. We ended up taking it although it's tough not to negotiate more since that is what I do for a living. But - the basic economics were good enough. It gave us what we wanted - close to town (we made it in 5 minutes today and 9 minutes to the town of Lyons), private and large enough (for two home offices and even a guest room). Plus views of the mountians (north and south)

So we have about 20 days to get out (at no cost) if we choose - Colorado laws favor the seller. We even have a back-up option we will look at next time we go into Boulder for inspections - we'd give up privacy but it is in town and walking distance to Chautauqua. And safer for future re-sale


The house we're staying at in Denver is also for sale and had an Open Hosue today so the three of us cruised into Boulder. It was a beautiful day - hit 88. Folks were out-and-about

We had 3 hours to kill and it was too hot for The Hud to run or do much else other than look bitter, so we checked out a few houses with great views of the Flatirons

We decided to show Hudson the house. We cruised through North Boulder - here is the closest excellent coffee

Heading out of town on Highway 36...

Up a short dirt road...

The "people" were there - and house negotiations get testy given many "real estate" professionals are idiots. We didn't say hello. Here are some neighbours

These were the neighbours Hudson cared about:

We decided to head up Highway 36 to Lyons for food. 36 is very very popular with cyclists - probably because it is actually flat and has a very wide shoulder

Lyons is small but worth visits - good food, a farmer's market, and variety of fun shops. It is also on the way to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountian National Park

Back in Boulder - a fun place

On the way back to Denver we checked out an antique store and found this fun place

Will take pics while we are at the inspection...

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