20 May 2011

Bye to Cherry Creek State Park

We are getting kicked out of the Denver house we've been staying at since February 1 - and that is ok. It has been great and a good deal - but it is far from Boulder and has become mildly irritating at times as it is on the market (thus showings)

Still not sure what the plan is. Either Seattle - with a road trip north to bask in the glory that is the Vancouver Canucks and their glorious march to the Stanley Cup - or rent in Boulder

Regardless, will definitely miss Cherry Creek State Park. I have done 51 runs there, many with the Hud. Took the camera today as I haven't taken pics since the winter

This is actually here at the house - Maureen bought a plant that will travel wherever we go

It was an awesome day - 50, sunny with puffy clouds and a gentle breeze...

Lots of rain this week and part of the trail (bike path) was flooded

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