18 Dec 2010

Hood Canal

Always slack when I go back to Seattle. We went back November 7th and left yesterday, December 17th. So need to catch up - only did 1 update from Seattle. This one is from November 20th

My AT&T bosses have been kind enough to let me help out with a start-up. The start-up is founded by my buddy Gary who I worked for back around 2005-06. Anyways, Gary wanted the current team to do an off-site for a weekend. Not my thing. Essentially told him he was ruining my weekend - maybe my life - but I'd go

I left for Hood Canal Saturday. It was about 2 hours to get there including the ferry from Edmonds. The 2 pics below are of the ferry dock and a view of the Olympic mountains. I love the ferries

In short, the off-site was all good. Very good. The house was on the canal and sort of a mansion. It was for sale - I think $3.5M. Here are the views

After about 7 hours of actually working the drinking started. One of the investors dropped by - me and Gary ended up back at her house doing shots at 1am

Also of interest at this house was an attic that was a replica (so they say) of the Captain's Quarters from Mutiny on the Bounty

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