9 Nov 2010

Seattle Runs

So...back in Redmond. Trying to prepare for a big race next year - ideally that Imogene Pass run. My two buddies are sticking with their plans and making good progress - Chuck Howarth is now signed up for the Leadville 100 and Michael Kirk should be signing up for his Mount Rainier climb any day now. So - especially now back at sea level - I need to try and run over 30-miles each week

Monday I did 10-miles on the Sammamish River / Burke-Gilman Trail. It remains one of the best trails anywhere

Here is my start in Redmond at 116th

Heading towards Woodinville

The Sammamish River - Columbia Winery is in the distance

Still some farmland - probably worth millions (?)

Overpasses in Woodinville - the second one was used for the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train

Heading towards I-405 and Bothell

A cool stretch in Bothell about 1.5-miles from our old house

Valhalla - our old neighbourhood

The least fun stretch through Kenmore - along 522

Kenmore Air, a local seaplane company

A favorite bar happens to be along the trail

Log Boom Park

And my run ended as the trail begins to wind through residential areas

Tuesday I took an hour break from the idiocy of work and went for a 6-mile run in the Redmond Watershed Trail, just a short trot from the house

Tomorrow we'll run somewhere with Hudson - he did over 17-miles last week and is all rested from the 24 hours of driving this weekend

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