8 Nov 2010

500 Miles to Hooper, UT

Saturday we loaded up The Grumpus and began the 500-mile drive to Hooper, Utah (north of Salt Lake City)

West on I-70...

...through Glenwood Canyon above the Colorado River...

...always lots of cows and horses...

Our first stop was Parachute, CO - population 1,290

On through western Colorado

All sorts of fun in Colorado...

Bye Colorado

Eastern Utah has very little except interesting rock formations - and fun billboards

We made a stop in Helper, UT. It was once a railway town but seems a bit down on it's luck - although they are all set for Christmas (or never take decorations down)

Then it's over Soldier Summit Pass

Hudson still was in Grumpus mode

We will always remember this wind farm - it was where we pulled over last August when we got an offer on our house (from the people who eventually bought it)

This to me this is Utah - beautiful, except where the people are (and ugly houses, though it works fine for them)

Next is the 800 miles to Redmond

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