17 Oct 2010

Wheeler Trail - Blue Lakes Hike with Hudson

Hudson ran over 17 miles (his PR) with me last week, so after a few days off he was all set to explore on Sunday morning

We started at the Quandary Peak trail head and followed the bright green line as if we were heading to the summit - but turned left on Wheeler Trail. We then took a right on the first road and goofed around on both sides of the first lake and then ran to the dam (second lake). Round trip was maybe 5.1-miles with 1,250' of elevation gain, and a top elevation of 11,750'

On another section of this area a few miles away on McCullough Gulch Road was the other "portal". I can't find anything on what this is - one person thought it was "part of a water diversion project from the Pacific side to the Atlantic side" (the Continental Divide is about a mile away)

Not sure if this mining history or just an old house in disrepair

I can find no record of a Corona Placer - and this was not at 11,775 (maybe 300'-400' lower)

Random sights

Hud in the snow with a great stick

Looking at the dam (up high)

Hud possibly impressed with the views

The dam. I tried to find why this is for Colorado Springs. No luck. Actually not much luck researching this Blue Lake area (other than it was a mining area)

Heading back

Back on Wheeler Trail. An old mining shack?

??? - in the middle of the woods

Hud was equally puzzled

The Blue Lakes area was such a cool area I took Maureen there (in the car) on the way to Alma & Fairplay

I hadn't noticed all the mining ruins and remnants

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