24 Oct 2010

Boreas Pass

A great weekend. Saturday we headed down to Salida and Buena Vista in Chaffee County, home to 12 of Colorado's 14ers. Salida in particular was a very cool town with plenty of artists and fun stores. It was a beautiful drive and - being a few thousand feet lower than Blue River / Breckenridge - it was still autumn

Oh yeah...Maureen is pretty excited about Halloween...

Sunday was Day 16 not smoking. It was also possibly our final chance to run Boreas Pass as there may be a big storm coming. The storm warning is for 12-22 inches with gusts of up to 70mph. We have no idea what we should expect

Boreas Pass was a narrow gauge railway line from Como to Breckenridge, maybe about 17 miles (the line itself actually went to Leadville). The pass is 11,480' and has several ghost towns. Our run was 2.9 miles out with a 1,050' elevtation gain (from ~9,625 to ~ 10,675') to a water tank and then back. I think it was the most beautiful run I've done

View of Breckenridge ski runs

HAHA! You're not so tough, Quandary Peak. We own you!

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