3 Oct 2010

Breckenridge Trails

10/1 was a nice clean date to i) start running again ii) quit smoking again and iii) choose a new goal

The two guys I know living in the Denver area have ridiculous goals

Chuck Howarth has chosen the Leadville 100

Michael Kirk has chosen to climb Mount Rainier

I have narrowed it down to two:

1) Imogene Run, 17.1-miles with 5,303' elevation gain and a top elevation of 13,120'

2) Breckenridge Half, 13.3-miles with 3,011' elevation gain and a top elevation of 12,475'

After the fire experience, I figured it would be an added benefit to know how to get around the forests & mountains and to run & climb long distances at a good pace. Hudson may as well be prepared too

Friday was a mellow start - we ran a few miles, up then down Burro Trail (near the ski runs)

Saturday we decided to rough it a bit more and went out McCullough Gulch Trail, one of two ways (?) up Quandary Peak (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quandary_Peak). Somehow - we were off-trail so Hudson could get up / down rocky trails - "we" got disoriented, lost and eventually it all became rather "Blair-Witch'ish"

I wondered how long it would be until they sent the rescue teams - and whether they would be on foot or by helicopter. I figured I would let Hudson off the leash

Hudson started running. I followed. 9 minutes later we were in the car. Hmmm

I don't know if this is the actual name, but this 74-mile path has some excellent views. Here are some from Saturday afternoon's run (Hudson skipped after our morning fiasco)

Sunday morning me and Hudson kept it simple - up McCullough Gulch Road, the more common and easy way up Quandary Peak

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