1 Jun 2010

Memorial Day Weekend in New Mexico

The week leading up to Memorial Day was very windy with late afternoon thunderstorms and some great sunsets:

And then finally...the long weekend.

It was an excellent Memorial Day weekend and it all started off with the Santa Fe Run Around in downtown Santa Fe. Maureen did the 5K and had her best time in a race. She had a good time and will be doing another 5K in Estes Park, CO in 2 weeks. I did the 10K and had a good run. I didn't expect it to be as humid as it was and should not have been all in black:


Afterwards we cruised over to the Santa Fe flea market (not terribly exciting)

Sunday morning ran up Mt Atalaya - the snow was gone!

I made it home in time for a visit from Hudson's buddy, Lucky, who came over for an hour or so:

Monday we went up to Albuquerque to cruise around and check out the antique stores. The drive was relatively short (70 minutes) but not terribly exciting. Pretty much this, which is fine but not as pretty as Taos or Santa Fe (it is a real city at ~900K people):

It was hot. 92, about 10 degrees hotter than Santa Fe. Antique stores were blah, all I got was a pack of gypsy fortune telling cards (a la Halloween).

Monday night went for nice run over at Dale Ball trails. Since we love Saturday I thought it would be a good idea to take some pics. The Dale Ball trails makes one want to move here (which we considered). I think there are about 20 miles of trails to run or bike on, pretty hilly and some nice views. These were taken over a 3.5-mile loop and gives a nice idea, although other sections are unique (and similar):

We will be in Boulder starting Saturday. Right now we will leave Santa Fe as the top place to buy a place outside the PNW (BC, WA and OR)...

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