11 Jun 2010

Boulder 2 of 2: Boulder Rocks

We are staying 10 miles outside of and 2,700 feet above Boulder, in the town of Gold Hill (and we are across the road from the town cemetery)

Here is the drive from Gold Hill through Boulder to our favorite running trails (Flatirons Vista and Doudy Draw) about 5 miles outside of town:

The road to Boulder is mostly dirt. These first 3 pics are just a few hundred yards out of town

Plenty of wildlife - deer (he blends in) and fox

This is half-way down to Boulder, Bald Mountain. It is a short but hilly run we do with Hudson

Sweet breakfast this Sunday

This would be an ideal street to live on, Mapleton Avenue, but the houses are out of our price range

Dr Reefer!

And the trails. Great runs here with great views. I thought of Bill Kreisher when I took these, as he had been speaking earlier in the day of drinking beers on a patio with views of the Flatirons. The run starts through cow territory

Energy seems big in Colorado - windmills (everywhere) and natural gas pumps (especially in Durango)

And back through cow territory

We're not sure how long we're here, but hopefully awhile...

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