11 Jun 2010

Boulder 1 of 2: Leaving New Mexico

Well, we left New Mexico after 2 months. What an awesome place (Northern New Mexico)

The final Friday I was going to do my final 13-miler before my half marathon Sunday (the 13th) in Estes Park, CO. It didn't go so well. I was trying a new trail, one that was in Tesuque (where we stayed) and went to the ski resort. Unfortunately the trail disappeared into seasonal rivers after 2 miles. So, I turned around and ran back to the car. Unfortunately I tripped along the way and went flying down the slope. Ouch

I woke up early Saturday (5am) to get my 13-miles in on the usual trails and then off we went

We loaded up The Grumpus...

Here are a few scenes along the way in New Mexico:

It was hot and did hit 100

And, sadly, leaving New Mexico...

...but back in beautiful Colorado

After several hours we passed through Colorado Springs. I think this is Pike's Peak through the rain and a dirty windshield

A few hours later and we were in Denver

We arrived at the house and had a few cocktails on our back porch, watching storms in the distance

Pics of Boulder in the next update...

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