23 Aug 2009

Hunting For Bears

Not really. But we did explore, following the "trail head" behind our house and heading up. Me and the Missus checked it out on Saturday and all seemed in order - based on the "evidence" it seemed elk were as as dangerous as it got. On Sunday we took The Hud (pictured below) for a 40-minute jaunt up into the hills.

Below is the extent of the wildlife we came across (excluding birds and chipmunks):

The views were pretty cool. This is the mountain we see from our porch, a bit closer up:

Otherwise a good week. With 56 days until the half-marathon (either PEI or Maine, TBD), was able to get about 20 miles over 5 runs. The long run was about 6.5, so almost half-way there. I must give thanks to Vodafone for pissing me off so much at work that I went for that long run at noon in 90+ degrees. I think this was the closest I felt like I was going to die (I'm sure most runners occasionally wonder "Geez, wonder if I should go to the hospital or something"). After maybe 2.5 miles I got a little lost (the river trail zigs and zags across the river frequently). I thought I was on the the trail when I came to a bright yellow sign that said "Danger: Rattlesnakes in Area". I found my way back and decided to keep running until I found water as I was really thirsty. Finally I did, a fountain at the Durango Visitors Center. Unfortunately the water was a dribble at best, but whatever. Now the run back to the car; more like the death march. All was well, although I've been thirsty ever since. I think this is about the 5th time this summer I've said to myself "Geez, maybe I shouldn't run in the blazing heat"

Once we got home, though, we went into the cold creek running though the property (the Missus also ran and was similarly hot)

We are here until Saturday morning on the 30th, when we head to Breckenridge for a week or so...

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