18 Aug 2009

Grumpus the Dog & The Huckleberry Trot

Day 11 and the first post. Having to catch up as we had limited internet access in McCall, our first stop.

We left Sunday 8/9. Not sure what time, but after 15 minutes we turned around to "make sure the door was locked" - and along the way back home we stopped for breakfast. Eventually we really did get going, out I-90. Always fun to see the different world on the other side of the Cascades. Nice to see wind turbines - saw them frequently in both Idaho and Utah as well:

Through Eastern Washington, south past Pullman and into Idaho. Nice climb near Lewiston and down I-95 through a Nez Perce historical area. There were miles of rail cars - best I could find afterwards is they are being stored there. Anyways, we made it to McCall - Lake Fork, specifically. Grumpus the Dog (a.k.a. Hudson) was pleased, as this is how he felt about being in the car for however many hours it took us:

We made it through our week here with no internet; surprisingly stressful with work. Cell coverage was good enough on Alltel, but my snazzy AT&T AirCard was essentially useless on 2G. Thankfully it seemed every business in downtown McCall had Wi-Fi. I spent mornings on our network either at Fogglifter Cafe or Moxie's. Wi-Fi has to be a money maker; especially in rural areas. My boss at AT&T now owns part of Wi-Fi, should be good fun.

A good week for running, getting in over 20-miles. Most runs were from our house to Jug Mountain Ranch golf club. Round trip to the club house was a little over 4 miles with some good hills. Regardless of distance, all had to pass by a pack of strong looking cows. Cows in this part of Idaho were active and glared at all passerbys; I think they would have killed me if they could have jumped the fence.

On Saturday I made the 9 mile drive to Donnelly to do The Huckleberry Trot 5K; celebrating the Huckleberry Festival. I was one of about 60 runners in this town of 148. The small town race gets an A+; real casual and I was greeted at the finish line by a cheering crowd and a medal (I did not win and they cheered everyone). Outstanding bakery (Flight of Fancy) was my first stop after.

Sunday we left for Hooper, Utah where the Father-in-Law lives half the year. Another shaky start - we stopped off at said bakery for breakfast. People in town were pointing at us as we parked; we had no idea what they wanted. Our Thule was open. Yes, 9 miles at 70MPH with an open Thule. All looked in order, but it turns out our case of 20 DVDs had flown out.

We made it to Utah without incident and nothing else jumped out as terribly memorable, although the scenery was again spectacular. The visit with the Missus's family was a good time, and the next day we were off to Durango, CO. This drive was most spectacular of all, although Grumpus the Dog would disagree. The highlight was around Moab, as the below pics show:

Moab was supposed to have been our first stop, but it was tough finding a good place to stay - we'll try this winter. After 9 hours we were in Durango. The house here is excellent with good coverage (I think Alltel again) and Wi-Fi here at home. Did a longer run the first full day through town and out, eventually finding my way on a cool walking / bike path along the river. We also found an outstanding place for food - Brickhouse Cafe & Coffee Bar.

That's it for today...

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