26 Aug 2009

Flying Wife

Below was a photo from our porch after a day of rain and thunder storms (it's been awhile). Our house is back in a wooded area (yes, I would embrace the 2nd Amendment if I lived in a rural area)

A good start to the week for running. I was behind on the longer runs with a little over 7 weeks until the half-marathon goal, so went 8m yesterday. Well, my real goal is to represent Canada in the Marathon at the 2012 London Olympics. Anyways, nothing exciting today - didn't get lost, didn't run in excessive heat. Did 2.4m today, but probably should have rested. I had to spend some time in the creek with a sore calf off-and-on throughout the day. The creek actually has the strongest cell reception, oddly. I'll stand up to my knees - usually until I remember that I've seen 3 snakes in the creek. Below is part of the trail, which is generally along the river but here is along the tracks (where the Durango-Silverton train rides - promised Pa Harvey a photo)

The Missus did a Glider ride today. The private airport is a few miles from our place on the way to downtown Durango. Only one person could go at a time...she got some great photos!

On the way out of the airport we saw this fun critter


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