24 Dec 2012

Christmas Vacation

So, the first three weeks back in Seattle have generally sucked. Some good times but mostly bad, including:
  • An inner ear infection that is incessantly irritating
  • Lost the credit card while drinking
  • Lost the car key while running (eventually found)
  • It has rained every day and the crack of dawn comes closer to 8am than 7am

The good - no work for over 2 weeks

I also got a nice gift from my buddy Gary (Leafs lighter) and collected on a $500 bet I won for quitting smoking for 6 months (already spent $100)

Also won a $250 bar tab from an election bet and shared with some good friends. Scott Anderson is the the guy on the far left who lost $750 in total. No guilt as Scott is a well-to-do former chief of M&A at McCaw Cellular

I had hoped to get a lot of runs and hikes in but my bad stretch of health issues killed that plan. Was mostly limited to runs at Green Lake and with Hud at Marymoor

Despite a few good nights of drinking with buddies we decided to get out of town for Christmas - up to Sooke, BC. It has been almost three years since we were here

Missed the BC ferries - good food and excellent views for 90 minutes

View from the house near French Beach - and sun

Merry Christmas!