20 Nov 2012

Last Days of Sun

10 days left before we head back to the Pacific Northwest...

So, we're getting out and enjoying the great weather. That includes lots of time at Dry Creek for Hudson with his friends. Sunrise Wednesday

Saturday on Sugarloaf

The iPhone camera is convenient but sucks at zooming in. The guy by the tree had just proposed - successfully

Sunday morning Hudson did his 10th summit of Green Mountain this year - half from Flagstaff Road and half from Gregory TH

Afterwards went with Maureen up Flagstaff Mountain

On the way down swung by Crown Rock for the first time

Today vacation starts - no evil work. Did Bear Peak. Bear is tough, very steep. But it's the final 50 yards that is sketchy to me so I was pretty happy to finally have made an easy solo scramble

We're hoping to get out to Long's Peak Friday and run to the Keyhole. We were thinking of Thursday but it's supposed to be cold, 7F with wind chill in the afternoon. Hahaha!