4 Nov 2012

Halloween Week

Moon setting over the Flatirons on the morning of Devil's Night

My dates for Halloween

This pic cuts out my tuque which was a key part of my costume - I was a Vancouver Canucks fan. The girls were not impressed but I ended up with more comments and compliments than the 2 of them combined. Drunk Boulderites are good people

Took All Saints' Day off and went with Maureen up to St. Vrain Mountain TH to do Meadow Mountain. Came across long-horned sheep

"Someone" bailed after a mile because they "felt funny" (hung-over) so I headed up solo to hit the summit. Unfortunately I lost the trail in the snow and ended up hiking up steep off-trail

After a long slog was still further away than I had hoped (I was going the wrong way) and with Maureen reading a magazine in the car decided to call it a day. 5.6 miles with 2,100'

All Souls' Day on Sugarloaf with Hud at sunrise

Later that morning we went to look at houses in Genesee. Elk everywhere

Sunday we went to Bergen Peak in Evergreen. It was one of my better runs of late - 11.3 miles with 2,000' - several miles down with some guy I met on the summit

"Someone" got lost on her way down - she needed to hop a gate to be "rescued" on CO-74. Must run in the family

I looked up "Boulderite" - used earlier - to see if it was a real word. Urban Dictionary does a good job on the definition

Boulderite - one who:

  1. Trains for a marathon before work
  2. Spends more than 10 hours a week in spandex
  3. Eats out at fine establishments, wearing a fleece vest and expensive outdoor shoes
  4. Carries plastic bags for picking up dog poop
  5. Drinks 2 oz of espresso for breakfast, 2 oz wheat grass for lunch, and 24 oz Micro-brew with dinner
  6. Drives a Subaru Outback with some clever form of an anti-Bush bumper sticker
  7. Buys groceries on a commuter bike, or cross country skis
  8. Owns Bike rack and Bike that costs more than the price of Subaru
  9. Lives within walking distance of a yoga studio
  10. Wonders how CO can still be a Red State