16 Oct 2012

Offer Declined

After 2 house visits and 12+ visits to the neighbourhood the past few weeks at a variety of times we made an offer Monday on the Gunbarrel house. Nice house, met nice people on the trails, and a brewery with food trucks just 2 blocks away was good enough. Plus one of the Twin Lakes is off-leash

The house is over-priced and has been on the market 71 days so we came in at 7% under asking. They countered by lowering 0.4%

We'll counter at 6% under asking and be OK walking. Maybe they'll come back and accept in a few weeks if no one buys. Oh well. Looked casually at house prices up in Bozeman and in the areas 20 miles outside of Seattle. We could move to the town north of Salt Lake where Maureen's sister lives - 3,300' on an acre for $245K. Man...

Saturday was mellow - Betasso with Hud but he got spooked so we headed up to Sugarloaf. Ranger Fowler said maybe he sensed a mountain lion or bear

Monday morning at Sanitas after a week off from running. On the way down a fox came walking up the trail - caught Hud just before he saw the fox and ran off

Looking west where there was snow this weekend up above 11,000'

Sunset tonight from the porch