20 Oct 2012

Chief & Squaw Mountains

Headed up Squaw Pass Road to do a couple of easy summits in the Evergreen / Idaho Springs area

Parked above what I assumed was a private ski area and was excited to see how much to join - but it is only for training kids. Used to be public and fun until it closed in the 1970s. Someone bought it for $700K 7 years ago

First up - Chief Mountain at 11,709'

Not an epic looking summit...

Next up was that - 11,486' Squaw Mountain

The Fire Lookout - was in use until the 1980s and it looks like you can rent it for $80 a night starting next year

Despite all this equipment - no cell service. Which is fine, just ironic

Looking down at Idaho Springs and all the mining scars to the north

A lazy 8 miles with 2,100' of gain