22 Sep 2012

Running of the Bulls / Caribou Peak

Headed up to Estes Park for the Running of the Bulls - a local 3.75 miler starting at the Marina and doing an easy loop around Lake Estes

The start of the race was delayed by elk - it's mating season (also know as "the rut"). Hard to say if this guy is on the prowl or if he already has his harem

The race went well - a 7:03 pace good for 6th place. Note my lucky Vancouver Canucks tuque

After a stop at The Stanley we headed to Caribou Peak, a 12,310' summit in the Indian Peaks. I don't think it's a common destination - there isn't even a trail off the popular Arapaho Glacier trail to the summit. You just head up at some point

Views are awesome emerging above treeline - the below pics show where Boulder gets 40% of its water

The summit

The fall foliage is maybe close to peak (or approaching it)

These were off Peak-to-Peak (in between the two large signs that say "No Stopping on Road") - must have been 60 cars off to the side