7 Sep 2012

Back to Bear

Wrapped up the Boulder Trail Runners' Challenge today. No thoughtful strategy but ended up going from easiest (Sanitas) to challenging (Green) to hardest (Bear) over 4 days

It was also the first time back since the fire in late June

The course was from Cragmoor - the end of a street in Table Mesa. Man, that looks far away

It is tough. I was tired by the time I made it to the foot of the mountain - which was ok since it was all hiking anyways to the summit given how steep it is. The 1st mile is 590', the 2nd is 1,069' and the final 0.63 is 1,030'

The end of the course is where the trail is still closed due to fire damage. 58:22. Woo-hoo!

The actual summit was still 100 yards up and to me is a challenging scramble with more exposure than I like - but I've practiced and was excited to do it solo (my three Bear summits were with others and one failed due to snow)

As I began up it began to thunder. I waited - nothing. So I kept going. More thunder. Then hail. So I bailed - now 3 successes and 2 fails

Here are pics of the fire damage - minor on this side compared to what is still closed. But this is the side we could see burning from our house