17 Aug 2012

Spring Brook Loop / Fowler Trails

Ended a pleasant enough week of work by heading out for an afternoon run. Headed to Doudy Draw and decided to explore new-to-me trails

In addition to the usual bear / mountain lion signs were these - apparently this trail is the most dangerous place to be in Boulder County

The run began on wide-open trails

Spring Brook Loop - recommended by Maureen - weaved through not-so-healthy looking trees

Spent 12 minutes here talking to my boss's boss. Better cell reception than at home

Really? Wonder what's back there

Bear scat

South Boulder and Bear peaks are to the right. Bear is back open after the fire - sadly South Boulder is not

The town of Eldorado Springs - where we were last night for the 4-mile race. Maureen looked at a house a few weeks back and I saw it last night before the race. Looks fun - if only it were $151,000 less expensive

I knowingly took a wrong turn at some point - expecting it would somehow get me back to the trailhead. It did. By running along 170 for half a mile. At least I got to see the Eldorado Mountain Yoga Ashram Center - just read about this in the book "Colorado's Sanctuaries, Retreats, and Sacred Places"

Here is Google Earth's fly-over view of my run. It's amazing how accurate it is - although not 100% as I was not running down the middle of the road at the end