24 Aug 2012

Breckenridge Trail Run

Headed up to Breckenridge to run the half-marathon course (the actual race is next weekend - will be a last minute decision)

Left just after sunrise

I-70 was fairly empty of the usual dangerous drivers

Tomorrow Boulder is expecting something crazy like 150,000 people watching Stage 6 of the USA Pro Challenge (like a Tour de Colorado). As I pulled into town I found out Stage 5 was beginning today in Breckenridge. I was early enough to get a parking spot

Here is the start while I was in the clouds at about 12,475' sucking wind

Getting on the Burro Trail. This section is 1,200' over 4 miles

Getting on the Wheeler Trail. This section is punishing - 1,500' in 2.5 miles at elevation

Two things went through my mind as my legs got tired:

  1. This guy is trying to do all 58 CO 14'ers in less than 11 days (over 140,000' of gain).  I think he summitted Green Mountain 20 or 40 times on his 40th birthday
  2. This trail began as a trail to move Judge Wheeler's sheep to Copper Mountain - I have no idea how someone thought "there, that's how we'll go" and then got the sheep to trudge on the steep single-track

Looking down through the clouds at Breckenridge

Once again I took a wrong turn at mile 11.5 which is ok. 3 hours on great trails and no injuries