6 Jun 2012

Raccoon Reunion

We've had a mom and 4 baby raccoons living in our flue the past 5 or 6 weeks. Early Monday (4:30am) we heard lots of noise - mom was moving the babies to a new den. They could barely walk

She was having a hard time getting them off the roof - they couldn't climb down so she had to carry them down one at a time. I'm not sure if she saw us watching or if she was frustrated and the sun was coming up but she left with 3 - leaving one on the roof

We hoped she was coming back but realized that was unlikely until the evening. With temps heading up to 100+ in the sun as well as chance of thunderstorms, got up on the roof to bring the baby down

There were two

Got them down and set up a nice place for them to stay warm - but not too hot. Here they are

Mom came back that night so all ended well