10 Jun 2012

Canadian Bad Seed

My old teammate Mike Brewer was in Colorado so he came by for a visit - and apparently to raid all my booze

It seems like a visit from an elite athlete (see his career stats above) would only help my training - but no. The first night the whisky and beer flowed and I didn't get to bed until midnight

The next day we cruised around the mountain towns of Western Boulder County and did get in a short hike up Sugarloaf Mountain

This is Arkansas Mountain Road - hard to tell but one of the sketchiest roads in the area (steep and narrow)

A bird flew by just as I took this one (bottom right)

We also got in a great run after sunset to the Royal Arch - but by 10pm Mike wanted to drink so the whisky and beer and so on was flowing once again and once again I didn't get to bed until midnight

I was able to convince Mike to do a run Friday up Green Mountain...

...but Friday night began with a bluegrass band downtown and ended with us staggering around somewhat incoherently at 2am

We headed to Estes Park Saturday to visit the Stanley Cup Hotel and did a 5-mile round-trip run on Long's Peak

Here is Mike trying to hit me with a snowball (just leaving his hand). That's not nice

Here is a view from Long's of a major fire west of Fort Collins that had just started and at this time has exploded to over 20,000 acres and is still out of control

Saturday night was his worst yet - glasses (not shots) of whisky and all beer in the house was drank - and at 2am Mike was crouching behind the couch on the patio trying to find shelter from the wind to use the lighter

Mike left today so tomorrow I can get back to a healthy life. He did bring a basket of Canadian gifts - so I suppose I can tolerate having to drink with him again