11 Jan 2012

Six Months

Sunrise yesterday from the summit of Mount Sanitas

I have an office now here at the Boulder rental as the owner moved her stuff out. It's nice - instead of working in the dark basement I can look outside. It definitely helps pass the time on calls. The neighbour's cat is particularly amusing

So - yesterday at 9:55pm MST was 6 months since my last cigarette. Thus I won:

- $500 cash
- $100 bottle of good whiskey
- A night of drinking / talking the Vancouver Canucks with my Chicago pal in Denver
- A smoothie

Could not have done it without Scott Anderson back in Seattle

Today it snowed so Hudson and I got out early before the inevitable auto accidents during the morning commute. He was able to do his first summit of Mount Sanitas (he blends in - especially the second pic)