13 Jan 2012

Dry Creek & Green Mountain West on a Windy Friday

Today was a tough day at work for a few reasons: I had to write six annual reviews for my team (boredom but important) and I was hung over (not exactly - just groggy with the taste of whiskey lingering)

Started off taking Hudson to Dry Creek - great sunrise to the east and alpenglow on the Indian Peaks to the west

Here is 10 seconds of trying to keep pace with Hud

After the first 3 reviews were done I took a break and we drove up Flagstaff Road to Green Mountain West to summit Green Mountain - Hud's 4th time

Great view of Bear / saddle / South Boulder

Here is 16 seconds of Hud on the trail. This was a good section - many section had pretty deep drifts

On the very windy summit