15 Jan 2010

Rainy Vancouver Island

I think it's rained every day since we got here 10 days ago. It's been stormy all through the Pacific Northwest

Still, great times here in Sooke (maybe 35 minutes from Victoria)

The rain has stopped enough to get some good runs in. We are a mere 3 minute run from an entrance to the Galloping Goose, a 55km old rail line now a trail. It's helped me get off to a decent start for my 2010 goal of running 1,000 miles; now at 35 miles as of January 15th

Here is the trail where we access it most days. The first pic is the way I go if Hudson is with me and the 2nd is if I'm going myself

Below is sunrise from our kitchen

So far two highlights here.

First, I ran a race Sunday, the Prairie Inn Pioneer 8K (http://pih.bc.ca/results/Series.php?race=170). I ran a fast race, for me. I didn't win. I came in 365th

Second, Maureen found an auction in Victoria and we did good. Mostly we bought art from an art house that went bankrupt. The company's info/price tags came along...

This first paining, rather large (maybe 36" x 16") was retail $1,750 and we bought it for $80

This one was retail $695 and we got for $50

These two are actually originals and were retail $590 combined and we got them for $50 (pic is fuzzy)

It was an excellent time and we spent maybe $500 with the auction house's 20% premium and taxes

Today Maureen was running around and Sooke - there is only one road to this part of the island - was temporarily cut-off due to this accident

We head to Seattle Tuesday for the dentist and a hockey game (me) before coming back for the rest of the month...

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