22 Jan 2010

Back in God's Country

Tuesday we went back to Redmond; both of us had Wednesday appointments with our superstar dentist Dr. Danforth (and my beloved hygienist). Below is a shot of coming off the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver (more or less)

Wednesday evening I went to an Everett Silvertips game with my buddy Gary and one of his pals. The Silvertips are a good time in a good blue-collar town north of Seattle. Good game versus the Vancouver Giants, two top teams. Everett won 3-2. Highlights included the police taking Gary away for about 5 minutes just before the second intermission puck toss (closest to Center Ice won money) and the usual late night visit to Denny's. Below is a view near Everett, taken the next day on our way back up to Sooke

Here are two shots on a nice winter day on the ferry ride back to Victoria (well, Sidney actually)

So the wife is seeing this month why Canada is a top pick for our next place to live. Here is a box of Honey Nut Cheerios sold up here - complete with a hockey fold-out game (with Iginla in his Team Canada jersey):

Here is Canada's $5 bill - hockey!

Last Saturday we went into Victoria. I was wearing my "Hockey Night in Canada" sweatshirt. We walked into a fancy cigar store. The two guys working in their fancy suits were jazzed:

"All right!"
"Nice shirt, that's great"

Then we went next door to Munro's, a historic book store:

"Da da-dada Da da-dada"

Yup, an employee walking by singing the Hockey Night in Canada song

Today we went to the grocery store:

"Da da-dada Da da-dada"

Same thing, an employee singing the song. And then a 5 minute chat about the Canucks and Kovalchuk maybe being traded to the Flames for Phanuef

And of course Canada has some very explicit warnings on cigarettes:

Sunday I'm cruising up to Cobble Hill to run in a 10K...

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