19 Dec 2009

Grand Teton, Elk Reserve & Jackson Nights

Friday turned out to be the first day of vacation for me, had to work Thursday

We went to an Elk Reserve here in town: http://www.fws.gov/nationalelkrefuge/

It was very cool. While it turns out you can drive up the highway a mile or so and see 100s of elk, the ones that wander close to the sleigh (by their own choice) give you a chance to get up very close

We rode out on sleigh, only two other folks (from South Carolina) in addition to our excellent guide

This guy lost part of his antler during mating rituals (or so he says)

This guy is in good shape

These pics are self-explanatory...

We also caught a bald eagle in flight

Nice view

And the hardest working guys on the tour

After the ride we drove over to a road that goes through the reserve. Plenty of elk over here keeping their distance from people - pretty smart, it was hunting season until Monday

We ran into our big horned sheep pals again. We thought it was pretty cool that we were able to watch two of them easily climbing a steep hill. Tough to see them, the guy is in the middle and the girl just to the right of him (she blends in with the snow)

Well, it turns out we were watching a romantic encounter. She doesn't seem too thrilled (she's running away)


Friday night we cruised into town where the town square is all lit up with an arch of elk horns at each of the four corners. We took The Hud

Today (Saturday) we cruised through Grand Teton. We need to buy another camera with a more powerful zoom...still, it was a great drive, quiet and some excellent pictures

We started at the Visitor's Center. Both Jackson and Teton have great centers. This was a cool shot

Entering the park...

First were Bald Eagles...

...then Winter scenes...

Hot Springs (or something like it)...



And finally Moose...

Tomorrow we are in Bozeman, MT until 2010

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