6 Dec 2009

Back in (Freezing) Durango

The pics are great but the quality may be a tad less as we're getting used to a new camera. I broke our other one (simple drop). On our honeymoon 6 years ago I damaged another camera by getting pummeled by a wave during a storm on Vancouver Island. Whoooops!

Anyways, we wrapped up our time in awesome Taos. Below was one of our local friends we'll miss

We made it up to the ski resort before we left. Looked fun but not much snow

We hadn't booked our next place so we decided to go back to Durango, one of the best times we've had on our travels. The drive up North on Monday was on some pretty remote mountainous New Mexican roads. There was more snow up here

The beauty did not amuse Grumpus

And it was beautiful...

We crossed into Colorado early afternoon

Still no access to the network...

...but the scenery was still fantastic...

We are staying in a different home this time on the other side of Durango, a bit more rural. Plenty of natural gas sites, including one just behind our house

The area is really nice...plenty of farmland...

We get some excellent views of snow capped mountains. The other night was a full moon and until this weekend it was perfectly clear every day - and thus extremely cold. The night of the full moon it was 0 Fahrenheit

Here is the moon the later in the morning going down behind the mountains

We haven't always remembered the camera and have missed herds of deer and elk coming out just before sundown. Very cool. Fortunately one of them came up to visit The Hud

This is the house next to us (we don't see them as we are on 22 acres)

The sunsets seem quicker up here but are still stunning. This one may not be brilliant but we haven't seen many that are so purplish

We are here until Tuesday, when we'll head to visit Art in Utah (Maureen's Dad) for 2 nights. After that it's off to Jackson Hole for 10 nights and then 7 miles outside of Bozeman, Montana for the Christmas holidays

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