12 Oct 2009

Portland, ME

It's been a week since the last posting and we have moved from Cutler, ME down south to Portland, ME. Below are a few final shots of the bay our house was on after some strong thunderstorms moved through

Our house in Portland is excellent and owned by Brigadier General John M. Watkins, Jr. He has some very cool memorabilia in the office I'm using. The house is in Cape Elizabeth near Two Lights State Park and just up the road from both Cape Elizabeth Light (below) and Portland Head Light

The Atlantic is about 300 yards away, offering some great views and great sunsets

Maine is a very cool state, literally and figuratively. We haven't done a great job remembering the camera, having forgot it when we wandered down to Kennebunkport Saturday. It was very nice but with no home and a very full car, going casually browsing at shops just isn't the same since we aren't buying. Below is typical of the area, nice foliage and limited sprawl

Sunday we drove down to the waterfront and went for a 4-mile run along South Portland's equivalent of North Seattle's Burke-Gilman

Sadly, it doesn't seem that a half-marathon will happen this fall. I was hoping to do one this weekend on Prince Edward Island, during our 4-weeks up in the Canadian Maritimes. Unfortunatley, vacation rentals up there seem to shut down come stormy October and hotels isn't really what we were looking for long-term (with me needing to work and with a dog). There is also one up in Bar Harbor in Acadia, which looked excellent, but we're pretty content here for now with the City of Portland's fun downtown area a mere dozen minutes away and pretty laid back. That's ok - those 13-14 mile runs were becoming a bit of a bore in the cold rain. I'll try again whenever convenient - I always did enjoy the 4-6 mile runs much more.

No idea where next. I know my old hometown of Hamilton will be in early-to-mid November, as I have "business meetings" with my pals from Orange (France Telecom)...


  1. How can you be seeing sunsets over the Atlantic? Sun setting in the East over there? I'm off to Toronto tomorrow! Cynthia

  2. Maine is my favorite state on the East Coast. Have a Smuttynose (Portsmouth) or a Shipyard (Portland) beer for me! -Erik L