17 Oct 2009

It's Cold

On my August 23rd posting ("Hunting For Bears"), I was standing in a river in shorts. Now it's cold enough for snow. Booooooooo!

This was supposed to be the weekend I would be doing a half-marathon, but no luck on the coordination. We have found some good runs here in Portland, including Back Cove


Back Cove is extremely similar to Green Lake in Seattle


Back Cove is 3.5 miles and this week was a very cold and windy run. Below are a few pics, including one of the wife finishing up

One great thing about Portland is it's a city of size (the greater metro area is > 500K) but we haven't encountered any bad traffic. We can even head downtown, which includes crossing a long bridge, in the late afternoon and find parking all within 15 minutes. Here are a few shots of downtown Portland

Here is a stark contrast in architecture, old school and art deco

Cape Elizabeth, where we specifically are staying, is home to many lighthouses including the famous Portland Head Light (we are less than 2 miles away). This was from yesterday, a very windy day that we were supposed to have gotten snow but missed out

Someone has left food for the animals - I thought about grabbing one of the donuts

Work has become extremely busy, even pulling a few 14-hr days last week

Hudson is staying relaxed, here with one of his pals

We are here until Tuesday morning, when we head down to Cape Cod...

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