17 Sep 2009

Moose and Bears

Well, left the beautiful Berkshires today. Spent the drive through Massachusetts on a call with my good friends at France Telecom. I am lucky that there are times I love my job.

Crossed two more state lines - twice again risking my life to get photos for The Missus (who was back in Bothell watching Soap Operas and eating bon-bons, no doubt)

Much of the driving today was in Vermont. I was surprised - I assumed if I was on any Interstate, I would have flawless coverage. Not in Vermont. I remember there was something about Vermont and a deal we did not do with Rural Cellular that frustrated my boss's boss. Too bad, had to pull over twice as I was on another set of calls with a buddy in Denmark. We were negotiating a set of deals and the first time I dropped I was making a specific offer. When I talked to him a few minutes later he tried to quote back a different set of numbers, HAHA! Good times!

Vermont was beautiful and the leaves are starting to change colors.

I tried to get more incredible shots, but every time I got the camera out *poof* road signs or State Troopers. I had better luck crossing into New Hampshire. This was the view as I crossed into the state:

Yes - Moose Crossings. Never seen a moose, that would be cool.

The house I am at does not seem haunted and has the most incredible views at any place I've stayed at. Unfortunately the photos don't come close to how spectacular it really is:

Obviously the owners are nice people, they left a little gift basket including Moose Dog Cookies - I guess so when they see a real moose they'll think "Hey, that's a big cookie, MMMMM!"

Aside from moose, I guess there are bears too:

As many may know by now, we are days from selling our house. I won't bore you with the details of why real estate agents are the biggest jackasses, Hudson perfectly illustrates how we feel about them. Good boy, Hudson!

One week until my Fantasy Hockey Draft...

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