20 Sep 2009

Hudson Smart, Chris Dumb

The only other views I've had as good as these from a house was on Pender Island (busy channel for BC Ferries between Victoria and Vancouver plus whales plus Canadian Geese loudly letting you know it was 4am). These are from Friday morning:

So the title. Funny. Friday night I was talking with The Missus, who is still back in Bothell wrapping up our real estate transaction. I had asked the owners of this house how AT&T coverage was - before booking. They said it could go from 4 bars to none standing still. I thought "They obviously don't understand what they're talking about - I work in the industry, that doesn't make sense." It's totally true. I'll drop with 2 bars. Believe me, out here it is not a capacity issue.

Anyways, talking with The Missus, maybe 9pm EST. I did find where there is perfect coverage - outside the front door. It was pretty cold. Very windy. Dark, no light at all.





Locked out.

No problem. I immediately thought "What would Bear do?" (if you've never seen Man versus Wild, never mind).

Looked around, checked every window. Shoot, double bolted. Shoot.

Went out to the unlocked car, to see what things I could find to pick the lock (which I've never done, and I've tried). Nothing in the car.

Went to the back door to double check. Locked. And this is what I saw when I looked in the house:

Thankfully, The Missus eventually spoke to the owners and there was a back-up set of keys in a lock-box. All was good.

Saturday was perfect fall weather and it was time for my long run. On MapMyRun.com someone was kind enough to post an 11.6-mile run in the Bretton Woods area. Headed up and was pleased to realize that I was only 30 minutes from the Mount Washington Hotel:

Anyways, the run turned out to be on the bogus side as it was on a state road with plenty of cars at 55mph and no real shoulder. I decided to just head off into the woods on the many cross-country ski trails. Your ankles can take a beating, especially when the trails are pretty chewed up by horses walking. That and all the trails seemed to either end or ascended off into the sky. I've been doing miles of hills ever since we entered Colorado, was looking forward to a nice flat run. After an hour I called it a day and cruised around some before heading back to try and wrap up some consulting work (finished Sunday). Here's a cool looking church:

The Missus returns to the trip late Wednesday night, when the pictures from the car-in-motion should improve. She thinks I'll be picking her up in Boston - which is 3 hours away - at 11pm.


I have my Fantasy Hockey Draft the next night, I need my sleep. Have a nice walk, wife.


Another incredible fall day today. I tried to upload a video of me and Hudson playing his favorite game, tennis, but no luck.

I'll post a pre-draft update Tuesday followed by the unveiling of my 2009-10 Championship Team after the draft...

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