23 Jun 2013

Aspen Vista

Sunrise at Galisteo

Sunsets from Eldorado

Went to some local trails. The view of Eldorado from Bishop's Peak - about 500' above the local cafe & gas station

Last summit of flat-topped Atalaya - tomorrow they close the Santa Fe National Forest

Got lost on some of the less-used trails down the backside of Atalaya and came across Pichaco Peak. View from the summit. This will still be accessible as it's City of Santa Fe land

Came across this guy on the trails. Best I can tell - this is a horned toad (although they're not toads, they're lizards)

Sunday headed to Aspen Vista for a run up a pretty decent 6-mile dirt road (closed to vehicles) to Tesuque Peak at 12,051'

The first few miles are through Aspens, as expected

Nearing the lovely summit


I actually had hit Deception Peak at 12,340' first - thinking this was Tesuque Peak. I believe Deception Peak may actually be a named false summit of Lake Peak. But the trail looked sketchy to me

Looking at Lake Peak. Ummmm...

Santa Fe Baldy

Looking over at Tesuque Peak

Saturday we head back to Boulder