2 Jan 2013

Back to Work

Will try to stay positive about work (pic below) this year and be thankful like everyone seems to tell me I should be

After a week in Shirley we realized that our ideal scenario would be a place somewhere up Sugarloaf and a place on Vancouver Island with an ocean view. When fire danger is high during Colorado's summers - go to Vancouver Island. When the rain comes to the Pacific Northwest - back to the sun of Colorado

The last days of vacation were awesome, especially Saturday morning with Hud at China Beach. The area is a surfing "hot spot" - relatively speaking. It's driving distance from Victoria (unlike Tofino) and maybe half a kilometer down the beach were 40+ surfers. Timing was great - 2 hours pre-high tide so lots of sand for Hud to run crazy on

Later in the day ran the "Sheringham Point Lighthouse View" trail - a fantastic hilly trail layered with damp pine needles and leaves but ironically only a brief view of the lighthouse (near our house)

The ferry ride back to Tsawwassen - first pic is from our table at lunch

Mt Baker on the drive back to Seattle

As far as goals for 2013:
  • Buy a house somewhere
  • Jemez & Breckenridge half-marathons
  • 1 mile at sub 6-minutes
And race with either a llama or a donkey